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Wide Open Road

by nemobockers 23/08/2014 16:11:11 0 review(s)

Quirky brunswick cafe and roastery who serve good food and consistently good coffee.

The most attractive thing about Wide Open Road is their interesting menu. You get variety and consistency in a collection of well thought out meals, as they play with textures and colour more than most Melbourne cafes.

Refreshingly creative in a saturated market.

When it comes to coffee, these guys don't exactly source their own beans (they use local suppliers) but they sure do know what to do with them. They roast a Bathysphere blend, which is a combination of Costa Rican, Brazilian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans, and this is especially crafted for full flavoured cappuccinos and lattes.

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 7am til 5pm
Sundays 8am til 5pm
Kitchen closes at 4pm


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